As well as being involved with various groups and associations, I hold a number of positions on IT and business representation bodies, which are of key importance in driving forwards my advocacy of green technology & energy-efficient ICT, and trying to help high-tech SMEs grow.

Groups & associations

I am a member of and take an active role in the following groups, either personally or via Memset® Ltd.:

Board / committee memberships

I am also priveliged to have recently been selected for a number of positions through which I help to represent the interests of British businesses and the environment:

  • Main board member Intellect UK.
  • Member of the Ministerial Green Economy Council.
  • Fellow of BCS (formerly the British Computer Society)
  • Steering board member of the European Commission's European Cloud Partnership, representing the interests of British cloud SMEs.

    Intellect UK Board Member

    Intellect’s Board is where you will find the top executives from some of the world’s leading high tech organisations. These organisations maximise the amazing contribution technology makes to our lives. Six times a year Intellect’s Board meet to debate the challenges and opportunities for the technology industry. Competition for places on Intellect's Board is high with strongly contested elections in the spring of each year.

    Fellow of BCS

    The grade of Fellowship comprises the most senior and respected professionals in the field of IT. I am honoured to be recognised as an individual who has made their mark in the IT world. I continue to contribute to the development and application of IT in the business community.

    The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

    Bringing great ideas to global audiences, cutting across traditional political battle lines, carrying out cutting-edge research and development projects, undertaking practical innovation itself and by mobilising the talents and commitment of its 27,000 strong fellowship. In this way the RSA is becoming the kind of organisation this century urgently needs.

    The Aldersgate Group

    The Aldersgate Group develops independent and authoritative policy objectives through the breadth, expertise and diversity of its membership. We draw on the knowledge base and connections of our network to gain an early insight into the policy formation process and engage with key decision makers in a proactive, constructive and impartial way.

    European Cloud Partnership

    I am part of the ECP that provides advice to the Commission on strategic options to turn cloud computing into an engine for sustainable economic growth, innovation and cost-efficient public services. I was selected to represent British SMEs and form a group of twenty top advisers, all private and public leaders. The Partnership gives governments a way to work together with the private sector towards using the cloud. It is chaired by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia.

    10% Group

    I was recently asked by Liam Maxwell (Cabinet Office CIO) to convene a group of cloudy SMEs that he could get direct feedback from. With the help of my team I am collating the views, issues, troubles and successes of this group and feeding them back into Intellect, the Cabinet Office, G-Cloud programme and ECP.

    Intellect Climate Change Group

    The objectives of Intellect’s Climate Change Group is to explore climate change from the perspective of the technology sector, to help identify business opportunities for members and to share information and best practice.


    While not a position as such, I am also currently undertaking a collaborative PhD with Surrey University researching the energy efficiency of network delivered (cloud) services, specifically attempting to answer the question of whether Moore's Law (which has accurately predicted that computational power will roughly double per unit of cost or unit of energy every two years for some time) will mitigate the Jevons Paradox (that improvements in efficiency of utilisation of resource counter-intuitively tend to result in an overall increase in the resource's consumption) in relation to energy efficiency of ICT thus allowing ICT to be an enabler of the green economy.

    For more information please see my blog post: Energy-efficient cloud computing: Jevons Paradox vs. Moore's Law.


    I care about and support two main charitable areas: improved care for transgendered children and "Hidden Surrey" - those who are deprived in my home county but overlooked because we are percieved as a wealthy county.

    I used to hold charitable trustee positions and was actively involved in the Community Foundation for Surrey's work, but unfortunately my other areas of responsibility (see above) have meant that I no longer have time for those. Further, I believe that I will best serve two of my key interest areas (trans-kids and girls into IT by being a visible and successful role model, and in terms of local charity I have delegated that to my staff via our community foundation fund which we contribute £6,000/year and they administer.

    Online networking

    I also use some online networking tools. For those of you who are like-minded I have profiles on LinkedIn as katecraigwood and am a keen Twitter user as @Memset_Kate.

  • Awards & Nominations

    UKtech50: No. 20 Social Media Champion Institute of Directors Young Director of the Year SE NatWest Every Woman Award Blackberry Women & Technology Awards 2008 PC Pro Best Web Host Award 6 years running Surrey Business Awards 2006/07 Computing Awards for Excellence 2007 Chamber Awards 2009 National Finalist Toast of Surrey 2011: Business Personality of the Year Carbon Neutral