Here you will find a small, and perhaps somewhat strange mix of pictures which I have divided up into the following categories...

Favorite things

I realised recently that there are actually very few objects in my life I truly value, and here they are! And yes, OK, it is an excuse to show off my shiny toys. ;)


One of my hobbies is underwater (SCUBA) photography. These are a few of my older not-so-good pictures from a Red Sea trip (still sorting out the newer ones).

Dr. Who set visit

A trip Nick, Amy, Ed and I took to the Dr. Who studios in Cardiff. I got to molest a Dalek and David Tennant (who, unlike the Doctor, has a gorgeous Scottish, which frankly just makes him even nicer in my book :)!

Cross-country skiing

A small collection of pictures, taken while cross-country skiing in the Dolomites.

Downhill skiing

A handful of pictures from my last skiing/snowboarding trip to Whister Blackcomb, Canada.

Water sports

Some pics of me on the water, rather than under it, both sailing and jetskiing in Jamaica earlier this year.

Queen & Paul Rodgers

A few snaps from an awesome gig by Queen & Paul Rodgers at Hyde Park.

Game screenshots

As I have mentioned before, I spent (wasted) a huge amount of time with a bit of an MMORPG addiction. It was fun though, and here are some pics from my two favorite games: City of Heroes & World of Warcraft.


Well this is supposed to be a site about me, so I thought I should stick a few photos up that actually had me in them! Sadly, like the rest of this site, they seem to portray me as a speed-freak-geek!

Awards & Nominations

UKtech50: No. 20 Social Media Champion Institute of Directors Young Director of the Year SE NatWest Every Woman Award Blackberry Women & Technology Awards 2008 PC Pro Best Web Host Award 6 years running Surrey Business Awards 2006/07 Computing Awards for Excellence 2007 Chamber Awards 2009 National Finalist Toast of Surrey 2011: Business Personality of the Year Carbon Neutral