My family

As with most people, other than my fiancée (yes, I have a girlfriend not a boyfriend) the few individuals closest to my heart are my family, and I would like to mention them here.


Douglas Craig-Wood My Father, Douglas Craig-Wood (Dougal to his friends), died suddenly and without warning in the Summer of 2002 which was a huge shock to us all. His keen business acumen and love of science & technology were the source for my own passions for the subjects, and his constant creativity and innovation inspired me from a young age. His unending curiosity about the workings of the physical, natural and social world around him made him the best teacher anyone could have ever hoped for. One of my Dad's favorite sayings was "leave it better than you found it"; a phrase applied to matters small and large. He left the world a better place than it had been, and I endevour to do the same.


Valerie Craig-Wood My Mother, Val Craig-Wood, died very recently. I feel truly privileged to have been brought up by such a thoroughly good and strong person. She had an enormous passion for education, and drove me to "do your best" through school and beyond. Without that, I doubt that I would be able to fully embrace the wonder of the world in which I find myself. In counter-point to my Dad's technical and scientific focus, Mum was the spiritualist of the family, and a trained counsellor. She gentley guideded me in people-skills and emotional intelligence, and also had a profound morality. One of her guiding principals was "Cast your bread on the water and you'll get back ham sandwiches". I have inherited her philosiphy of generosity without expectation of return.


Fliss Craig-Wood My little sister, Felicity Craig-Wood aka. Fliss, lives with her two wonderful little boys, Mathew (in piccy) and Johnathan, who are totally adorable half the time and quite evil the other half! We are unusually close in age (1 year and 1 day) and have always been close. We have been through happy and sad times together and will always be there for one-another. She lives fairly close by in Church Crookham and we see each other often.


Nick Craig-Wood My brother & business partner, Nick Craig-Wood, also lives in the Guildford area with his wife Loveday and has four great kids, Amy, Ed, Isabelle and baby Dougie. When he is not busy with his kids or Memset® work, he is usually hacking on something or other! His passion for technology helped ignite my own when we were children. In counter-point to my own more general entrepreneurial skills, it is his huge technical expertise that is the true intellectual powerhouse of Memset® . He is most certainly the best business partner I could hope for!

Awards & Nominations

UKtech50: No. 20 Social Media Champion Institute of Directors Young Director of the Year SE NatWest Every Woman Award Blackberry Women & Technology Awards 2008 PC Pro Best Web Host Award 6 years running Surrey Business Awards 2006/07 Computing Awards for Excellence 2007 Chamber Awards 2009 National Finalist Toast of Surrey 2011: Business Personality of the Year Carbon Neutral