I am co-founder and managing director of Memset® : Britain's cheapest, greenest and best cloud computing, VPS (virtual server) and dedicated server company.

Special Interests

I am very active within the UK high-tech sector and was recently ranked the 20th most influential person in British ICT by in Computer Weekly's UKtech50. As well as using my positions to promote Britain's high-tech sector, especially SMEs, I have three principal special interest areas:

Green Technology: I am an advocate for both energy-efficient / green technology and ICT as a key part of the solution to climate change. I am the only representitive from a high-tech SME on the ministerial Green Economy Council, chair Intellect UK's climate change group, am an active member of the Aldersgate Group and am the external communications officer of BCS's Data Centre Specialist Group. I regularly write on the topic of green tech on my blog (see the environment category).

Cloud Computing: I started Memset back in 2002 renting out virtual machines on short time frames. Today that sort of service underpins what is now called cloud computing (definition). In 2010 I co-led the technical architecture strand on phase two of the cabinet office's G-Cloud programme and Memset recently won a framework agreement for the delivery of cloud services to government.

I am a passionate and outspoken advocate of cloud computing for the private and public sectors alike. This does not come solely from a desire to sell infrastructure as a service; I adamantly believe, as a tax payer and consumer, that a cloud approach to ICT will deliver better value across the board.

Linking these two interest areas, I am currently in the final year doing a part-time, collaborative PhD investigating the energy efficiency of cloud computing. See my recent post on Jevons Paradox vs. Moore's law for more detail on what that involves.

Girls into technology: The UK's high-tech sector is one of the few that promises to not only to be a new engine of growth for UK PLC, but also help combat climate change. As of a couple of years ago only 11% of ICT professionals in the industry are female, and falling (I'm overdue updating my figures by the way!). As one of the few female technology entrepreneurs in Britain I am an outspoken advocate for getting more girls interested in science & technology at school, and for improving the syllabus.

Awards & Nominations

UKtech50: No. 20 Social Media Champion Institute of Directors Young Director of the Year SE NatWest Every Woman Award Blackberry Women & Technology Awards 2008 PC Pro Best Web Host Award 6 years running Surrey Business Awards 2006/07 Computing Awards for Excellence 2007 Chamber Awards 2009 National Finalist Toast of Surrey 2011: Business Personality of the Year Carbon Neutral